Sardinian Italian Specialities
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Sardinian Food

Sardinian Food -Malloreddos alla Campidanese
Arco Cafe Team - Daniele e Francesca - Sardinian Food

Our Mission

Our approach to food is simple, find the best ingredients and treat them with respect. We use seasonal, locally sourced products whenever possible, including sustainable fish, meat and vegetables.

Our menu is friendly to special diets, with many vegan and vegetarian options. All of our pasta sauces can be served on gluten free pasta.

Our Sardinian ancestors have been cooking this way since time immemorial, and we are proud to bring this tradition of “home cooking” to New York City.

Our Story

When we arrived in New York City, it was surprisingly hard to find food that tasted like what we grew up eating in Sardinia – fresh, simple, healthy.

In 2014, we opened Arco Cafe, a small neighborhood place. From day one, we have made our own pastas and sauces, just like at home. Many of the dishes at Arco will be familiar to Italian food lovers, while others are unknown in the United States.

Thanks to loyal customers, we have grown and thrived.

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