Pane Carasau

Pane Carasau

To Italians, a meal is not complete without bread. In our hometown of Nuoro in Sardinia, there is a museum featuring more than 100 traditional breads. But the one that is on nearly every table in Sardinia is called pane carasau. Of course, we serve it at Arco, along with our homemade focaccia.

About Pane Carasau

The traditional Sardinian lifestyle required shepherds to bring their flocks up into the mountains every summer for good grazing. Along with them came stacks of crisp flatbread that stayed fresh indefinitely. Still a staple in Sardinia, Pane Carasau is served in a special basket and eaten with almost every meal.

This traditional flatbread, which lasts for months, is simply made with salt, yeast, water, and durum wheat flour. This thin and crispy bread has a special flavor with hints of the wood-burning oven in which it is made. Pane Carasau is topped with sauce in some Sardinian recipes and goes well with appetizers, cheese, and soups. At Arco, we serve it plain, or grilled with olive oil and rosemary as Pane Guttiau.

Nutritional Value of Pane Carasau

The durum wheat used to make pane carasau has a low glycemic index, meaning it is relatively low in glucose and should not trigger a spike in blood sugar. In addition, durum is high in protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber – all healthy for the body. These nutrients may help improve gastrointestinal health and reduce cholesterol, which could lower the odds of developing disease in the long run.

Popular Items with Pane Carasau

Besides being enjoyed as an accompaniment to a variety of Sardinian dishes, pane carasau is also used to prepare pane frattau, a lasagna-style dish topped with tomato sauce and cheese.

You’ll find pane carasau as a favorite side dish featured on the menu of our Sardinian delicacies. Many guests choose to add pane carasau to a main course or alongside one of our homemade pasta dishes. Our variety of pasta choices includes Malloreddus, Alisanzas, Busa, and more. We also recommend nibbling pane carasau with our finest selection of Italian wines. Invite some friends along to discover new tastes and bond over good wine and authentic Italian cuisine.

Why Choose Arco Cafe?

We source the freshest ingredients to offer the best flavors of Sardinia. Should you have a dietary preference, simply let us know. We cater to special diets and offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Treat your palate to authentic Italian food in an elegant yet friendly atmosphere. Our delectable Sardinian menu will have you wanting more.

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