Health Benefits of Fresh Pasta

Health Benefits of Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta has many health benefits and is a delicious and satisfying meal option. The homemade pasta we craft at Arco is superior to store bought pasta because it allows us to control the ingredients, and tailor the pasta to our high standards and cultural traditions.

One of the biggest benefits of fresh pasta is its lack of preservatives and additives. Store bought pasta often contains chemicals to extend shelf life, which can have negative effects on health. Homemade pasta, on the other hand, is made with only a few simple, wholesome, ingredients.

Vegan pasta, made without eggs, is a great option for those following a plant-based diet or who have allergies to eggs. Our malloreddos pasta, which we make with semolina (choice of whole wheat or refined flour) is made using only grain and water. So is our fregola, which is also toasted in the oven for additional flavor.

Pasta made with eggs offers additional protein and nutrients, making it a more filling and satisfying meal. A number of our pastas, such as busa and casarecce, are kneaded with eggs.

One of our most popular pastas is cavatelli, which is enriched with ricotta cheese to add even more protein and calcium. Not only is it more nutritious, but the flavor and soft texture are remarkable.

Overall, fresh pasta offers numerous health benefits and the ability to tailor the dishes to individual dietary needs and preferences. Homemade pasta is a delicious and satisfying meal option that is superior to store bought pasta.